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Seaside and Grayton Beach Art

Can’t get enough of South Walton? Same here! One of 30A’s most recognized and beloved spots is Western Lake, a scene Andy has painted hundreds of times. If you’re obsessed like we are, you might consider Seaside and Grayton Beach art for your home. Here are a few options available now…

Face and Mask Art

face and mask art

Andy uses random found objects and antiques to create assemblage face and mask art. Of course, these masks aren’t costumes and can’t be worn. Instead, they are dimensional wall art. People love these masks! He’s made so many over the years, varying in size and craziness. Just last week a customer bought an especially wild one. He said, “Make it so bizarre that people who see it in my house wonder if they should be there.” Haha! That was a very fun project for Andy! Here are a few masks available now…

Mixed Media Guitar Assemblage Art

One of Andy’s most recognizable and well loved styles is his mixed media guitar assemblage art. He takes miscellaneous found objects and arranges them to create an illusion of a guitar, which is popular with both musicians and music lovers. Here are a few of his guitar pieces that are available for purchase now…

Sea Life Art

Living and working within a couple miles of the Gulf of Mexico, it’s no surprise that Andy finds artistic inspiration from it. His sea life art includes a variety of fish, sea turtles, whales, alligators, and crabs. Here are some that are available now…

Original Art Under $500

If you’re on a budget but still want to add some art to your collection, you’re in luck. Andy currently has several pieces of original art under $500! And because most of these pieces are smaller, shipping is super affordable. To purchase any of the pieces below, call Andy at (850) 502-0072 or stop by his gallery during regular business hours.

Our Family’s Washington Vacation

Washington vacation Sucia IslandOur family enjoyed our first Washington vacation June 17th-28th. Andy went with his family 25 years ago, and hadn’t been to the Pacific Northwest since. The rest of us had never been there. So when we were invited to join my extended family on Orcas Island, we jumped at the opportunity. We also extended our trip by a few days so we could explore Olympic National Park and Seattle. Below is a breakdown of what we did each day, with photos below.

The craziest thing happened our first night on Orcas Island! We were tired after a long day of traveling, and decided to eat dinner at The White Horse Pub. While we were standing at the hostess stand waiting for a table, Andy said, “Hey, is that Kevin’s wife?” Before it registered what he had said, he was walking towards a woman. I thought, “Oh, geez. He’s going to embarrass himself.” Sure enough, he said, “Aren’t you Kevin’s wife?” Just as he did that, in walked our friend Kevin from high school! How was it possible that we were 3,000 miles from home and just happened to be in the same restaurant, at the same time, as our childhood friend?! These sort of things don’t happen often, but it’s awesome when they do! Kevin’s family lives in Seattle and they were camping on Ocras Island the same time we were there. Crazy, right?!

Click thumbnails to enlarge image and get information…

Even though our Washington vacation was awesome, Andy really missed being at the gallery for two weeks. He was excited to get back to work yesterday, full of new creative inspiration from our trip. If you came by while he was gone, you would have had the chance to meet Lori of Reinvented Jewel. You’ll be seeing more of her in the future, as she’ll be creating her jewelry at the gallery whenever Andy has the day off. We are thankful for her, as it allows us to have extended business hours at the gallery.

Baytowne Provisions now open in The Village of Baytowne Wharf

Baytowne Provisions opened this week in The Village of Baytowne Wharf, and you’ll find Andy’s art on their walls! This is the newest restaurant by award-winning and nationally recognized chef Jim Shirley. In addition to their traditional and specialty grilled cheese sandwiches that you love from The Melt Down on 30A, Baytowne Provisions will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual, family-friendly environment. You can also enjoy a full bar offering panoramic marina views and breathtaking sunsets from their upstairs deck. It’s more than just a restaurant and bar, though! You’ll find everyday necessities, groceries, gourmet grab ‘n’ go items, and local fresh goods at their general store. They’ll be open every day, and also have accommodations for private events.

For more information:
(850) 460-7866

Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions
photo from Baytowne Provisions’ Facebook page
Baytowne Provisions
photo from Baytowne Provisions’ Facebook page

Harding Art Show 2017

Harding Art Show 2017

Last week, Andy participated in the Harding Art Show 2017. This was his fourth time to do this show, now in its 42nd year. This is Harding Academy’s biggest fundraiser, and it attracts over 3000 visitors. We were honored to have Andy included again! Plus, it was a great excuse to visit our daughter, who now lives just outside Nashville. Below are some of our artist friends, both new and old. Check out their web sites (by clicking on their photos) and please tell them we said hello.

Andy Saczynski
Andy’s booth, obviously
Amber Wallace
Amy Crews
Blaire Wheeler
Brian Nash
Caleb Groh
Cassi Wright + her boyfriend
Christina Cohn
Grant Garmezy
Hannah Lane + her husband
Jacqueline Saporiti
Kent Youngstrom + his daughter
Lauren Dunn
McKenzie Dove
Melanie Morris
Robin Cooper
Ryan Gothrup
Sarah Kaufman
Valentina Harper
Vicki Denaburg
Woody Patterson