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Andy’s First Art Show in South Walton

Andy Saczynski First Art Show in South Walton Arix ZalaceAlthough he didn’t officially launch his art career until March 2010, can you guess when Andy’s first art show in South Walton was held? If his dated outfit and hairstyle don’t give you a clue, I’ll tell you… March 4, 2005!

Andy and I grew up on the Emerald Coast, but moved away for a few years after we got married. When we moved back to the area in 2004, we reconnected with Arix Zalace, our friend from high school. Andy and Arix were both experimenting with mixed media assemblage art and discussed doing a show together. Arix had a connection with a homeowner in Seaside who was excited about opening her home for an art show. Of course, art was still only a hobby for Andy back in 2005, but this was a good opportunity to get his feet wet in the business.

I get nostalgic looking at these old photos. Andy has developed his skills so much in the past 13 years! If someone had told me that night that we’d someday have a gallery in Grayton Beach and that Andy would be a full-time artist, I don’t think I would have dared to believe them. We’re thankful for these humble beginnings. 

Mural at Mirror Maze in Pier Park

Andy Saczynski mural at Mirror Maze in Pier ParkIf you’ve been to the Mirror Maze in Pier Park, you’ve surely noticed the gigantic mural on their walls. This was one of Andy’s first big commissions. He painted it in October 2008, long before being a professional working artist was on his radar. (I’d say that painting this mural was what really motivated him to pursue being a full-time artist, although his first official introduction to the public was at an art festival in March 2010.)

Andy’s mural at the Mirror Maze in Pier Park is 12 feet tall and 65 feet wide. It’s loosely based on Pier Park itself, featuring coastal architecture, palm trees, and the nearby beach. His signature can be found beside a palm tree by the front door.

Next time you visit Pier Park, stop by Mirror Maze and check it out!

Faces of Santa Rosa by Kyle Paxton

Faces of Santa Rosa by Kyle Paxton portrait of Andy Saczynski
portrait by Kyle Paxton | 36×48 inches | Oil on Panel

South Walton artist Kyle Paxton is currently working on “FACES of SANTA ROSA.” It’s an exhibit featuring between 10 to 20 portraits; sharing the stories of the day-to-day people of Santa Rosa Beach/South Walton. He desires to capture the people who make Santa Rosa Beach what it is today; as a unique place to live, work, and visit. This is part of his mission for culture care; to leave a deposit of work to benefit his community and even those beyond. He desires this show to be one of the most significant exhibits for his local community. It will be his biggest show to date.

In Kyle’s words: “I’ve known Andy as a fellow artist, friend, and surf buddy for the past couple years. Andy is considered one of the most well-known artists in South Walton. I guess it makes sense he received the 2013 South Walton Artist of the Year and Best Local Artist three years in a row. Not only is Andy highly acclaimed in the local arts, but he is a great person. I can’t imagine the faith it took for him and his wife, Lori, to jump from a stable job to pursuing a fine art career with their 5th child on the way. His faith, his commitment to family, and his craft inspires me. Though his art is obviously important, one must appreciate his passion for surfing and his connection to the ocean to fully understand him. This permeates his work and life – being in the moment and letting each wave take him where he needs to go. I must add that Andy is probably the best surfer I know. Andy, the great artist and the inspiring person. I believe he deserves such recognition.”

We are honored that Kyle selected Andy as one of his portraits for FACES of SANTA ROSA! We can’t wait to see who else will be represented in this collection. Given Kyle’s incredible talent, it’s going to be an amazing show. Kyle is a kind, genuine, and humble guy. We are excited to see the opportunities this project will generate for him. As the date for the exhibit approaches later in 2018, we will be sure to share the details with you so you can make plans to attend the opening. In the meantime, check out Kyle and his work:

artist statement | web site | facebook | instagram

2018 30A Songwriters Festival

The 2018 30A Songwriters Festival will be held January 12th-15th! The ninth annual weekend event will feature over 175 artists performing at multiple venues along 30A in South Walton. Tickets can be purchased here. For those attending, be on the lookout for Andy’s backdrop, shown below. If you see it at The Lakehouse in WaterColor (one of the 25+ venues), be sure to tag Andy in your social media posts.

Also, there’s still time to bid on Andy’s backdrop from the 2012 festival.

2018 30A Songwriters Festival

Art Redo

Sometimes Andy thinks a piece is done, but after a few months he changes his mind. This was the case with Sound of the Sea. Time for an art redo! As you can see, he added a lot of color and a few mixed media elements. This piece is 25 inches wide and 54 inches tall, and available for $1500.

Shopping for Art

Christmas 2017 is less than a month away. If you’re shopping for art, this post is for you! Andy’s current inventory page is updated daily, but sometimes, especially if you’re not local, it helps to see pieces grouped together so you can compare. For the second half of 2017, Andy’s abstract faces have been his most popular pieces, so I’ll start there. 

Two Cups of Coffee

Two Cups of Coffee is my personal favorite at the moment. It’s kind of big (50×50 inches) and available for $1800. If you want a big painting, but need it shorter so it can fit over a piece of furniture, check out this one:

City Folks

City Folks is 60 inches wide, but only 24 inches tall. It’s $1200.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology isn’t quite as wide and it’s a bit taller at 49×37 inches. It’s $1500.

Fish Bowl (left) and Local Folks (right)

If you want a vertical piece, here are two options. Fish Bowl is smaller (38 inches tall for $850), while Local Folks is big (60 inches tall for $1300). Or maybe you want a group of vertical pieces…

Small Talk 1 (left) and Small Talk 2 (right)

Small Talk 1 and Small Talk 2 are both 18×33 inches. They are $475 each, or you could get a discount when purchasing them together.

Hypothetical Situations 1 (left), Hypothetical Situations 2 (middle), and Hypothetical Situations 3 (right)

These three are a lot taller at 24×60 inches each. The first and third feature guitars, and Seaside’s Coleman pavilion makes an appearance in the second. They are $1300 each, but a discount is available if you buy two or all three.

Blue Lady

On a budget? Blue Lady is a bit small (17×21 inches), but only $175!

Let’s say you want something bold and colorful… I’ve got just the thing!

Rainbow People

Rainbow People is 24×48 inches and available for $975.

Speaking of bold and colorful, have you seen these assemblage masks?

Sunny (left), Eclipse Mask (middle left), Fozzy (middle right), and Victor 2 (right)

Sizes and prices, left to right:
Sunny – 33×64 inches – $1500
Eclipse Mask – 24×67 inches – $875
Fozzy – 16×45 inches – $500
Victor 2 – 29×55 inches – $975

Andy’s most recognizable assemblage art is his guitars.

Poetic Composition (left), Wavelengths (middle left), Songbird (middle right), and Sound of the Sea (right)

Sizes and prices, left to right:
Poetic Composition – 26×48 inches – $2200 – featured on the cover of VIE Magazine
Wavelengths – 25×67 inches – $2500
Songbird – 29×56 inches – $2200
Sound of the Sea – 25×54 inches – $1500

Andy also makes assemblage fish. Right now he has two available…

Jumbo Mahi (top) and Ironing Board Mahi Mahi (bottom)

Jumbo Mahi is 77×36 inches and Ironing Board Mahi Mahi is 74×33 inches. Both are $1800.

If you like sea life, but prefer a painting over mixed media…

Deep Blue Octopus

Deep Blue Octopus is new and stunning in person! It’s 48×48 inches for $1800.


Liono has been with us for a little over a year. If you need to fill a big wall (he’s 73×37 inches) for a reasonable price ($900), he’s your guy!

Blue Heron

How about a heron with fork feet? This guy is 59 inches wide for $975.

In the Mix (left) and Room with a View (right)

These two are Andy’s version of a still life. In the Mix is 50×50 inches for $2500 and appeared in VIE Magazine. Room with a View is smaller and less expensive (33×33 inches for $750).

Summer Floral

Unlike a bouquet, painted flowers don’t die (ha!). This piece is 37×37 inches for $750.

Last but not least…

Research Achievements 2

This was one of Andy’s first abstract paintings in this particular style. Its sister piece already sold, but this one (50×50 inches) is still available for $1500.

Shopping for art is fun, even if you’re just window shopping and not in the market to purchase. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at Andy’s current inventory. For additional information about any of these pieces or to make a purchase, please call Andy at (850) 502-0072.

30A Songwriters Festival Silent Auction

30A Songwriters Festival Silent Auction art by Andy SaczynskiThe 30A Songwriters Festival silent auction site is live and bidding is now available! This is your opportunity to own a piece of 30A Songwriters Festival history in the form of a huge painting by Andy. This backdrop was painted for the 2012 festival and used as a stage backdrop the past few years. The auction benefits the Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County.

Silent Auction (Main Page)
Register to Bid
Bid on Andy’s Art
View All Auction Items
30A Songwriters Festival
Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County

Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts Featuring Andy’s Art

Captain Cliff Cox runs Sweet Jody Fishing, one of Destin’s most popular deep sea fishing boats. When he and his wife April approached Andy about featuring his art on their Sweet Jody Fishing shirts, Andy happily agreed. They requested a “funky red grouper,” which made Andy even happier. If you look closely, you can see that Andy included squid and octopus tentacles, tiny fish, shrimp, hearts, waves, and a crescent moon. Andy gave Cliff and April the original artwork to keep, and they had their designers put it on their new line of short- and long-sleeve shirts. The shirts are available in a variety of colors (see photos below). Short-sleeve shirts are $25 and long-sleeve shirts are $30. To purchase a shirt, stop by their booth at 210 Harbor Boulevard in Destin. Not local? No problem! To order, contact Sweet Jody Fishing at SweetJodyFishing@gmail.com or (850) 650-2500.

Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts modeled
Andy modeling his shirt. Long-sleeve shirts feature a squid on the left arm!
Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts available colors
Short-sleeve shirts are available in these colors.
Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts available colors
Long-sleeve shirts are available in these colors.
Andy Saczynski art for Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts
Andy’s original artwork.
Sweet Jody Fishing Shirts with Andy Saczynski art
The shirt mock-up.

Follow Sweet Jody Fishing on Facebook.

VIE Magazine November 2017 Issue Featuring Andy’s Art on the Cover

VIE Magazine November 2017If you pick up a copy of the VIE Magazine November 2017 “Art & Culture” issue, you’ll probably recognize the art on the cover! It’s Andy’s Poetic Composition, which is assemblage art measuring 26×48 inches. We are so thankful and honored to have been chosen to represent this issue. Tori Phelps wrote a wonderful 6-page article about Andy, which we feel really captures the heart of who he is and what he does. And Brenna Kneiss’ photos are beautiful! Thank you so much, ladies. We really appreciate it!

The magazine is on newsstands now, so be sure to grab a copy. You may also read the article here.

Fairhope Art Walk October 2017

Fairhope Art Walk October 2017

Please join Andy at the Fairhope Art Walk on October 6, 2017. He will be showing his art at Bellator Real Estate, located at 217 Fairhope Avenue. Stop by between 5:00-8:00 PM to meet Andy, watch him work on a new painting, and have an opportunity to purchase some of his recent pieces. Perks: free admission, Big Beach Brewery samplings, heavy hors d’oeuvres, and music. We look forward to seeing you there! (Invite your friends!)