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Custom Art: Large Mixed Media Art

Last month, Andy made a large mixed media art piece for Cathie. After completing it, Cathie wanted Andy to use some of her remaining sentimental treasures for a large “mask” to hang over a large mirror. She wanted the piece in a similar style to Miss Thang. Here’s the large mixed media art he designed:

large mixed media art by Andy Saczynski
Complexity | 61×65 inches

Creating it was challenging enough, but Andy also had to figure out how to safely ship it 1000+ miles from Grayton Beach to the middle of Texas. It definitely needed to go via FedEx’s air freight. But he couldn’t use cardboard and bubble wrap, as he typically would. Instead he had to build a crate out of plywood. But Complexity is huge! So, he ended up connecting the curly side pieces on two hinges, which made them removable for shipping. This protected them but also made the crate smaller. This large mixed media art piece was complex to create and to ship, thus the name Complexity, but we (including Cathie) are very pleased with the result.

If you’d like a mixed media piece using some of your sentimental treasures, call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072 to discuss.

Mary B. Austin Elementary School Art Students

Mary B. Austin Elementary School’s PTA hosts an annual fundraiser called Art from the Heart, which pays for art instruction and supplies for the following school year. This fundraiser allows every student in the school to participate in the art program. Their second grade art students recently completed an assignment inspired by Andy’s alligator art. For this project, second grade art teachers Crystal Couch and Mary Green shared a little about Andy as an artist, then showed the children examples of his assemblage work that incorporates found objects. They explained that how he uses different kinds of lines, shapes, and patterns makes his art interesting. After they looked at a broad view of his work, Mary pulled up a few alligators that Andy did and showed them how to break something like an alligator down into simple shapes to draw it. The second graders used tempera cakes to paint the alligators and the backgrounds, then added details and outlines with oil pastels. Some students used black paper for their background with oil pastel details.

Here are a few of Andy’s favorite pieces from each class:

We are so impressed with their work! We think it’s awesome that Mary B. Austin Elementary School let their second graders use Andy’s art as their inspiration. If you are aware of other art classes that have done a project inspired by Andy’s art, please let us know!

Anglerfish Assemblage Art

This is Andy’s most recent anglerfish assemblage art. It’s made of layered wood and a functional light bulb.

anglerfish assemblage art by Andy Saczynski

According to National Geographic, “the angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky. It is quite possibly the ugliest animal on the planet, and it lives in what is easily Earth’s most inhospitable habitat: the lonely, lightless bottom of the sea.”

anglerfish assemblage art

They might be ugly in real life, but since our kids grew up watching Finding Nemo, the anglerfish has been a family favorite. We like to think Andy’s version is friendly and happy, even with the scary-ish teeth.

anglerfish assemblage art

The carnivorous anglerfish vary in size, ranging from less than a foot to over three feet in length. Andy’s anglerfish also vary in size. This particular piece is 55 inches wide and 45 inches tall.

anglerfish assemblage art

Most adult female ceratioid anglerfish have a luminescent organ called the esca at the tip of a modified dorsal ray. The organ has been hypothesized to serve the obvious purpose of luring prey in dark, deep-sea environments, but also serves to call males’ attention to the females to facilitate mating. (see Wikipedia for more info)

For the esca on the anglerfish assemblage art, Andy uses a functional light bulb. Talk about a fancy sconce!

This anglerfish is available for $1800. Call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072 to purchase.

Rhythm and Blues

Rhythm and Blues is a new relief sculpture using layered wood and found objects. Here’s a closer look at some of the details (scroll all the way down to see the completed piece).

rhythm and blues

rhythm and blues

rhythm and bluesrhythm and blues

rhythm and blues assemblage art by Andy Saczynski
Rhythm and Blues | $1800 | 22×44 inches

To purchase this piece, call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072.

Custom Art: Cathie

Our interior designer friend James (Van Stavern Interiors) commissioned Andy to create a piece of custom art for his client Cathie in Texas. They wanted something wild, bold, and full of life. Cathie collected sentimental odds and ends, family keepsakes, and random fun objects, then shipped them to Florida. Andy couldn’t stop laughing when he opened the box of treasures! He instantly knew this would be a fun assemblage piece where he could really let his imagination run free.

Andy spent a couple months rearranging items on a large piece of wood, shifting them daily until a scene started to unfold. At first he was going to simply paint a lady, but then he decided to cut her body out and attach it to another piece of wood for additional depth. This made it easier to place jewelry and watches on her wrists and arms. He definitely wanted to include the Disney records, since those are nostalgic for us, too. Cathie’s two pups also made an appearance.

This piece was SO FUN for Andy to make, and it’ll be hard to say goodbye when we ship it to Texas. A lot of Andy’s art fans apparently loved it, too – it generated a ton of “likes” on Instagram. If you’d like to commission a custom art piece that incorporates your sentimental items, call or text Andy at (850) 502-0072 to discuss.

Andy Saczynski custom art

custom art

custom art

custom art

custom art assemblage art
Miss Thang | 48×72 inches

Walton County Art Teachers – Gallery Tour

Walton County Art TeachersOn March 5th, Walton County art teachers visited seven South Walton art galleries (including Andy’s) as part of their professional development. During their Q & A session, Andy may have gotten a little emotional talking about Dr. Vivian Komando of South Walton High School. She was his high school art teacher many years ago, and he still uses a lot of what she taught him. South Walton High School is lucky to have her!

Want to take the same art tour as the teachers? Here you go…

Walton County Art Teachers – Gallery Tour

90 Spires Ln, #9A

3925 W County Hwy 30A

21 Blue Gulf Dr

26 Logan Ln, Unit B

26 Logan Ln, Unit F

27 Hub Ln

21 Hub Ln

south walton high school art teacher Vivian Komando
Andy did this painting in Dr. Komando’s art class in 10th grade at Niceville High School.

Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza in Davidson, NC

We are excited to announce that Andy was commissioned to create a mandolin assemblage piece for Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza, which opened last month. It’s in a beautifully restored space located in the heart of Davidson’s Historic District, about 30 minutes north of Charlotte. Executive Chef Bill Schutz has created a menu of carefully-sourced ingredients reflecting his Italian family heritage. The sheet pan pizza is scratch-made and brick-oven baked, a style historically known as “Grandma’s Pizza.” When you have an opportunity to visit, you’ll see Andy’s mandolin piece hanging in the dining room!

Mandolino’s Artisan Pizza
206 South Main Street
Davidson, NC 28036
(980) 231-5615

Web Site

Mandolino's Artisan Pizza

Mandolino by Andy Saczynski for Mandolino's Artisan Pizza

Limited Edition Canvas Prints

limited edition canvas prints by Andy SaczynskiAndy just released limited edition canvas prints! The first two available are Deep Blue Octopus and Southern Wildflowers. Each canvas print is 20×20 inches, stretched over a 1 1/2 inch wooden frame. They are $275 each. The canvas prints are available at Andy’s gallery, or you can call him at (850) 502-0072 to have one shipped.