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Where to Find Fish in Destin

So, you’re planning a vacation and you need to know where to find fish in Destin? This post is for you.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park where to find fish in DestinGo to the Gulfarium
Since August 1955, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park has been a great place to see marine life up-close, where education and entertainment come together for a unique experience. It’s about 10 minutes west of the Destin harbor. The whole family will enjoy the Gulfarium!

Go Snorkeling
There are quite a few good places to snorkel around Destin. Three popular spots are the jetties, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and South Walton’s artificial reef.

Go Fishing
If you’d rather catch fish than swim with them, you’re in the right place. Destin didn’t get the nickname “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” for no reason! Try the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier, the jetties, or right from the beach. If you choose the beach, be respectful of people swimming! Nobody likes swimming next to fish guts.

Rent a Boat
If you’re vacationing in Destin, I suggest renting a boat to access the best fishing spots. Don’t wait until the last minute! Boating is very popular here, and boats sometimes get booked months in advance.

Fishing Charters
If you’d rather take the guesswork out of it, a charter boat will be your best bet. It’ll cost you more money, but you’ll have local experts lead you to the right places.

Fishing Report
If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to use this chart, which tells you what you can find both inshore and offshore in the Destin area throughout the year.

Visit Andy’s Art Gallery
If you like fish, you should definitely make a trip to Andy’s Grayton Beach art gallery, which is located 20 minutes east of the Silver Sands Premium Outlets. He has some beautiful fish art, most of which are mixed media assemblage pieces that really need to be seen in person to fully appreciate. For example, here are a few pieces available for purchase now:

Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art mahi mahi art
Mahi Mahi ($2500) | 80×33 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art mahi mahi art
Blue Mahi ($975) | 62×24 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art guppy art
Guppy ($1200) | 54×36 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art anglerfish art
Monty ($2800) | 70×50 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art lionfish art
Liono ($1200) | 73×37 inches

If you have any questions about this artwork or want to make a purchase, call Andy directly at (850) 502-0072.

Beach Art

Destin FloridaI was recently at the beach and a family visiting from Tennessee sat near us. When they realized we lived here, they asked, “Do you ever get sick of the beach?” My answer? Absolutely not. This view never gets old. Rarely does a day pass that I don’t at least drive by for a glimpse of that turquoise water and sugar white sand. Before I moved here in 1990, I visited several times each year. It was always so hard to leave! So, for those of you who do not call our shores home, I feel your pain. A week vacation is hardly enough time.

One way to bring the beach home with you is beach art. At the moment, Andy has seven “beach art” options:

Andy Saczynski beach art
Dunescape ($1800) | 61×37 inches

Dunescape is Andy’s loose interpretation of WaterSound. If you’ve ever seen their boardwalks winding through the dunes, you know this place is magical.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Gulf Coast Daydream ($700) | 36×24 inches

If your idea of heaven is spending the day in a beach chair listening the waves lap on the sand, Gulf Coast Daydream might have your name all over it. This painted photography on canvas is a collaboration between Andy and local photographer Ryan Manthey, as are the next three pieces. (Read more about their collaboration in VIE Magazine.)

Andy Saczynski beach art
Afternoon Showers ($1900) | 60×40 inches

If you’ve driven down scenic 30A, you’ve surely noticed the trees surrounding Western Lake. This scene is a favorite for both artists and photographers. Afternoon Showers would look fabulous on a big, open wall.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Painted Sunset ($1300) | 60×20 inches

Don’t have that much wall space available? Painted Sunset would fit perfectly over a sofa or bed.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Seaside ($1900) | 60×40 inches

One of 30A’s most well-known structures is Seaside‘s Coleman pavilion. Oh, Seaside… it never gets old, does it?

Andy Saczynski beach art
Mermaid Dreaming About Longboarding ($1900) | 62×23 inches

If you prefer something whimsical, how about a mermaid on a longboard playing a cello and a violin while drinking coffee… wait, what?! There’s so much going on in this fun piece!

Andy Saczynski beach art
Surfer Girl ($875) | 20×53 inches

Last but not least, we have Surfer Girl. Don’t be misled by the colors… she most definitely does NOT have the blues!

If you would like to purchase any of the above pieces of Andy’s beach art, give him a call at (850) 502-0072.

Snowboarder Art

Check out this custom snowboarder art Andy just finished! A family gave Andy a photo of their daughter in Park City, Utah. They said they wanted a mixed media piece based on this photo. Luckily, a friend had donated an old snowboard to Andy awhile back. Lucky coincidence, huh?

snowboarder art

This life-size piece is 37 inches wide (with the board), and 63 inches tall. The Chicago Blackhawks logo is attached to a record player and still has the ability to spin. Pretty fun piece!

Mahi Mahi Mixed Media

Andy’s most recent assemblage art is a mahi mahi mixed media piece. In addition to layered wood and house paint, a few unusual and unexpected found objects were included. If you take a closer look, you’ll find items such as…

  • antique luggage
  • antique egg beater
  • old vise grip
  • door lock
  • parts of one of Andy’s “tree easels”

This is one piece you definitely need to see in person to fully appreciate. Come by Andy’s Grayton Beach gallery during regular business hours (weekdays 10 AM – 5 PM or Saturdays by appointment).

Mahi Mahi Mixed Media Andy Saczynski
Mahi Mahi | $2500 | 80×33 inches

Mahi Mixed Media

Mahi Mixed Media

Mahi Mixed Media

Flower Paintings

This week Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, predicting six more weeks of winter. But it sure doesn’t feel that way on the Emerald Coast! We’ve had one of the mildest winters I can remember and we’ve barely worn our jackets. No complaints from us! With spring just around the corner, I thought it was an appropriate time to share a few of Andy’s flower paintings.

The first four are traditional floral paintings.

Andy Saczynski flower paintings
February Wildflowers | $875 | 36×36 inches
Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Wildflowers (triptych) | $2800 | 25×49 inches each
Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Blue Blooms (triptych) | $3200 | 25×50 inches each
Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Overflowing Fruit and Flowers | $700 | 49×32 inches

The next one combines flowers with the ocean, which makes no sense but I love it anyway. Why wouldn’t a whale leave a trail of flowers? Haha!

Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Whale Song 2 | $975 | 49×31 inches

Andy loves surfing (and paddleboarding when it’s flat), so he painted two ladies doing likewise.

Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Surfer Girl | $875 | 20×53 inches
Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Mermaid Dreaming About Longboarding | $2600 | 62×23 inches

He also painted two fun ladies wearing sunglasses, both with a California vibe. Notice the CA state bird in the diptych?

Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Head Over Heels | $875 | 25×41 inches
Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Valley Quail and Girl (diptych)| $500 | 18×26 inches each

Last but not least, I really like this Garden of Eden diptych. Eve is so pretty, and who doesn’t like a man with a beard?!

Andy Saczynski flower paintings
Adam and Eve | $900 for set | 17×49 inches each

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above flower paintings, call Andy at (850) 502-0072.

A Closer Look at Andy’s Assemblage Art

It’s hard to see everything that’s happening in Andy’s assemblage art pieces when I take a straight-on photo with the camera. So, sometimes I like to take photos from different angles so you can tell how many layers and what sort of objects each piece includes. This post highlights three of his mixed media assemblage pieces.

Andy Saczynski assemblage art sea creature
Napoleon the 2nd | 108×36 inches | SOLD

Napoleon the 2nd contains layered wood, metal scraps, keys, and other found objects. He resides at The Bay, one of our favorite restaurants in South Walton. You can see him proudly displayed in their private dining room.

Andy Saczynski assemblage art anglerfish
Anglerfish | 76×61 inches | $2800

Anglerfish contains layered wood, a functional light bulb, a crutch, piano keys, pipe organ parts, a paintbrush, metal, parts of a Christmas tree stand, and other found objects. He’s available for purchase, as is his “brother” Monty.

Andy Saczynski assemblage art mask assemblage art face
The Professor | 27×64 inches | $1500

The Professor contains layered wood, scrap metal, a toy airplane, lawn tools, a record, piano keys, pipe organ parts, and other found objects. He was recently the guest of honor at South Walton High School. He is available for purchase, along with a few other friendly faces.

Mixed Media Art

When people first meet Andy and find out he’s an artist, their first question is usually, “What kind of art do you make?” And we usually reply, “It’s easier for us to show you rather than tell you.” His work is loosely called mixed media art, but that term is so broad. Mixed media art refers to a work of visual art that combines various traditionally distinct visual art media. More specifically, his work can be described as assemblage art, or sculptures that can be hung on a wall. This post highlights some of Andy’s most recent mixed media art. The pieces can be as simple as layered wood. Or they can include objects such as scrap metal, antique kitchen appliances, deconstructed musical instruments, and working light bulbs. What might look like worthless junk to some people, Andy can manipulate and connect in impressive ways.

For example, can you tell what objects were used in the four faces (masks) below?

Andy Saczynski mixed media art face
Fish Head | $1500 | 39×63 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media art face
The Professor | $1500 | 27×64 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media art face
Julius | $450 | 17×47 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media art face
The Melody Maker | $375 | 25×29 inches

And what about these three saltwater animals – an anglerfish, an alligator, and a sailfish?

Andy Saczynski mixed media art anglerfish
Monty | $2800 | 70×50 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media art alligator
Herbie Hancock | $1500 | 98×31 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media art sailfish
Grande Sailfish | $2800 | 106×45 inches

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these unique pieces, call Andy at (850) 502-0072.

What’s New at Andy’s Art Gallery

Andy's Art Gallery Andy Saczynski's Art Gallery Grayton Beach 30A art galleryHappy New Year! Andy’s art gallery moved into Shops of Grayton in March 2015. I can’t believe we’ve been in our little blue cottage almost two years! We are so thankful to have this space for Andy to create and share his work. He started pursuing art as a full-time career seven years ago and opened his first gallery five years ago. In this way, 2017 feels significant to me. I’m looking forward to what this year will bring.

We wanted to share some of what’s been going on lately at Andy’s art gallery. Although you usually hear from me (his wife) on his blog, in this post you’ll hear directly from Andy.

What do you usually listen to while painting?
I always listen to Pandora on shuffle. Some of the random artists I like are John Coltrane, Soulive, The Sea and Cake, Groundation, Brent Berry Band, ALO, Galactic, The New Master Sounds, and Jimi Hendrix. The list goes on, but that’s what has been in my shuffle most recently.

How long does it take to complete a piece of your art?
It always varies based on the complexity of a piece. Some stuff I begin months, even years, ahead and then put it aside for awhile. A lot of the sculptural assemblage pieces tend to take longer. I have between three and seven pieces going at once.

What do you think influences your work the most?
Over the past few years, I have settled into my own style. I can’t think of anything specific that influences my work. It’s more like my art is an extension of me. It’s a form of communication… an inward feeling and an outward expression.

What have you been working on most recently?
I ended 2016 and began 2017 with some figurative paintings (seen below).

Andy Saczynski figurative painting
Mermaid Dreaming About Longboarding | 62×23 inches | $2600
Andy Saczynski figurative painting
Valley Quail and Girl | 18×26 inches each | $500
Andy Saczynski figurative painting
Head Over Heels | 25×41 inches | $875

To purchase any of these pieces, call Andy at (850) 502-0072 or stop by his gallery during regular business hours.

Giving the Gift of Art

gift of artChristmas will be here before we know it. I have a few overachiever friends who have already announced that they’re done shopping. While I admit I’m impressed, I usually don’t start shopping until after Thanksgiving. So, with gift-giving on my mind, I wanted to throw out this question: Have you considered giving the gift of art?

My parents bought me an ornament every year starting with my very first Christmas. So by the time I moved out, I had a pretty solid collection of ornaments to get my Christmas tree started. Not only that, each ornament had special memories attached to it. Thinking along those same lines, how wonderful would it be to help your loved ones build an art collection over the years?

If you’d like to give the gift of art this Christmas, I’ve shared a few options for budgets from $20 to $1000.

Budget: $20
We offer twelve different 11×17-inch prints. This is an affordable option, perfect for a holiday party gift swap or stocking stuffer.

Andy Saczynski art prints

Budget: $500 or less
If you’re looking for a great deal on original art, this is it!

Andy Saczynski floral art
Lil Blue Floral ($125)
Andy Saczynski mixed media face art
The Melody Maker ($375)
Andy Saczynski face art
Julius ($450)

Budget: $1000 or less
If you’re feeling generous, here you go!

Andy Saczynski lion art
Judah 2 ($650)
Andy Saczynski flower painting
Overflowing Fruit and Flowers ($700)
Andy Saczynski abstract art
The Temple ($800)
Andy Saczynski Adam and Eve painting
Adam and Eve ($900 for set)

Budget: You Decide
Let’s say you know someone loves Andy’s art, but you can’t decide which piece is best for them. No problem! We do offer gift cards. Call Andy at (850) 502-0072 for details.

Andy Saczynski’s Earliest Works

It’s been almost seven years since Andy started to pursue art as a full-time career, but he was an artist long before 2010! He fell in love with drawing way back in elementary school and never stopped creating.

artist Andy Saczynski 1985
Andy in 3rd grade at Valparaiso Elementary, around the time he realized he wanted to be an artist

Below are a few of Andy Saczynski’s earliest works.

Andy Saczynski's earliest works 1993

Andy painted this colorful piece in 1993 while he was in 10th grade at Niceville High School. According to Andy, this is the piece that changed his life. His teacher was Mrs. Vivian Komando, and he credits her with teaching him how to paint a smooth line. It’s a technique he still uses in all of his pieces today.

artist Andy Saczynski 1995
Andy in Mrs. Komando’s art class during his senior year at NHS

Andy Saczynski's earliest works 1995

Based off a photo he took while we were in Colorado, this was the first piece Andy painted while he was a student at Okaloosa Walton Community College (Painting 1 in Fall 1995). He attended the college on a fine arts scholarship, and took four art classes under the teaching of the late Arnie Hart, including Painting 1 & 2 and Drawing 1 & 2. Hart taught at the college from 1966 until his untimely death in 1999. His wife Jean and several friends established the Arnie Hart Art Scholarship Endowment in his memory to honor his longtime devotion to his students. Andy feels fortunate to have learned from such an incredible teacher. During his Drawing 1 class (Fall 1995), Andy had an opportunity to complete two 20-minute sketches of Mr. Hart, as you see below (unfortunately, something spilled on one of them).

Arnie Hart sketch by Andy Saczynski 1996

Arnie Hart sketch by Andy Saczynski 1996

Also in the fall of 1995, Andy drew this face during his free time, which he named Split Personality.

Andy Saczynski sketch

In the spring of 1997, Andy took 2D Design with Lynn Rackley at OWCC. Here are two of the paper collages Andy completed while in her class.

Andy Saczynski collage art 1997

Andy Saczynski collage art 1997

Much of what Andy learned in both his high school and college art classes set the foundation for him. Since leaving OWCC in 1997, he has been self-taught.