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Andy’s First Art Show in South Walton

Andy Saczynski First Art Show in South Walton Arix ZalaceAlthough he didn’t officially launch his art career until March 2010, can you guess when Andy’s first art show in South Walton was held? If his dated outfit and hairstyle don’t give you a clue, I’ll tell you… March 4, 2005!

Andy and I grew up on the Emerald Coast, but moved away for a few years after we got married. When we moved back to the area in 2004, we reconnected with Arix Zalace, our friend from high school. Andy and Arix were both experimenting with mixed media assemblage art and discussed doing a show together. Arix had a connection with a homeowner in Seaside who was excited about opening her home for an art show. Of course, art was still only a hobby for Andy back in 2005, but this was a good opportunity to get his feet wet in the business.

I get nostalgic looking at these old photos. Andy has developed his skills so much in the past 13 years! If someone had told me that night that we’d someday have a gallery in Grayton Beach and that Andy would be a full-time artist, I don’t think I would have dared to believe them. We’re thankful for these humble beginnings. 

Mural at Mirror Maze in Pier Park

Andy Saczynski mural at Mirror Maze in Pier ParkIf you’ve been to the Mirror Maze in Pier Park, you’ve surely noticed the gigantic mural on their walls. This was one of Andy’s first big commissions. He painted it in October 2008, long before being a professional working artist was on his radar. (I’d say that painting this mural was what really motivated him to pursue being a full-time artist, although his first official introduction to the public was at an art festival in March 2010.)

Andy’s mural at the Mirror Maze in Pier Park is 12 feet tall and 65 feet wide. It’s loosely based on Pier Park itself, featuring coastal architecture, palm trees, and the nearby beach. His signature can be found beside a palm tree by the front door.

Next time you visit Pier Park, stop by Mirror Maze and check it out!

2018 30A Songwriters Festival

The 2018 30A Songwriters Festival will be held January 12th-15th! The ninth annual weekend event will feature over 175 artists performing at multiple venues along 30A in South Walton. Tickets can be purchased here. For those attending, be on the lookout for Andy’s backdrop, shown below. If you see it at The Lakehouse in WaterColor (one of the 25+ venues), be sure to tag Andy in your social media posts.

Also, there’s still time to bid on Andy’s backdrop from the 2012 festival.

2018 30A Songwriters Festival

Art Redo

Sometimes Andy thinks a piece is done, but after a few months he changes his mind. This was the case with Sound of the Sea. Time for an art redo! As you can see, he added a lot of color and a few mixed media elements. This piece is 25 inches wide and 54 inches tall, and available for $1500.

Shopping for Art

Christmas 2017 is less than a month away. If you’re shopping for art, this post is for you! Andy’s current inventory page is updated daily, but sometimes, especially if you’re not local, it helps to see pieces grouped together so you can compare. For the second half of 2017, Andy’s abstract faces have been his most popular pieces, so I’ll start there. 

Two Cups of Coffee

Two Cups of Coffee is my personal favorite at the moment. It’s kind of big (50×50 inches) and available for $1800. If you want a big painting, but need it shorter so it can fit over a piece of furniture, check out this one:

City Folks

City Folks is 60 inches wide, but only 24 inches tall. It’s $1200.

Reverse Psychology

Reverse Psychology isn’t quite as wide and it’s a bit taller at 49×37 inches. It’s $1500.

Fish Bowl (left) and Local Folks (right)

If you want a vertical piece, here are two options. Fish Bowl is smaller (38 inches tall for $850), while Local Folks is big (60 inches tall for $1300). Or maybe you want a group of vertical pieces…

Small Talk 1 (left) and Small Talk 2 (right)

Small Talk 1 and Small Talk 2 are both 18×33 inches. They are $475 each, or you could get a discount when purchasing them together.

Hypothetical Situations 1 (left), Hypothetical Situations 2 (middle), and Hypothetical Situations 3 (right)

These three are a lot taller at 24×60 inches each. The first and third feature guitars, and Seaside’s Coleman pavilion makes an appearance in the second. They are $1300 each, but a discount is available if you buy two or all three.

Blue Lady

On a budget? Blue Lady is a bit small (17×21 inches), but only $175!

Let’s say you want something bold and colorful… I’ve got just the thing!

Rainbow People

Rainbow People is 24×48 inches and available for $975.

Speaking of bold and colorful, have you seen these assemblage masks?

Sunny (left), Eclipse Mask (middle left), Fozzy (middle right), and Victor 2 (right)

Sizes and prices, left to right:
Sunny – 33×64 inches – $1500
Eclipse Mask – 24×67 inches – $875
Fozzy – 16×45 inches – $500
Victor 2 – 29×55 inches – $975

Andy’s most recognizable assemblage art is his guitars.

Poetic Composition (left), Wavelengths (middle left), Songbird (middle right), and Sound of the Sea (right)

Sizes and prices, left to right:
Poetic Composition – 26×48 inches – $2200 – featured on the cover of VIE Magazine
Wavelengths – 25×67 inches – $2500
Songbird – 29×56 inches – $2200
Sound of the Sea – 25×54 inches – $1500

Andy also makes assemblage fish. Right now he has two available…

Jumbo Mahi (top) and Ironing Board Mahi Mahi (bottom)

Jumbo Mahi is 77×36 inches and Ironing Board Mahi Mahi is 74×33 inches. Both are $1800.

If you like sea life, but prefer a painting over mixed media…

Deep Blue Octopus

Deep Blue Octopus is new and stunning in person! It’s 48×48 inches for $1800.


Liono has been with us for a little over a year. If you need to fill a big wall (he’s 73×37 inches) for a reasonable price ($900), he’s your guy!

Blue Heron

How about a heron with fork feet? This guy is 59 inches wide for $975.

In the Mix (left) and Room with a View (right)

These two are Andy’s version of a still life. In the Mix is 50×50 inches for $2500 and appeared in VIE Magazine. Room with a View is smaller and less expensive (33×33 inches for $750).

Summer Floral

Unlike a bouquet, painted flowers don’t die (ha!). This piece is 37×37 inches for $750.

Last but not least…

Research Achievements 2

This was one of Andy’s first abstract paintings in this particular style. Its sister piece already sold, but this one (50×50 inches) is still available for $1500.

Shopping for art is fun, even if you’re just window shopping and not in the market to purchase. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at Andy’s current inventory. For additional information about any of these pieces or to make a purchase, please call Andy at (850) 502-0072.

New Abstract Paintings

Andy is always evolving as an artist, experimenting with new subject matter and techniques. It isn’t that he hasn’t figured out what “his thing” is – it’s that “his thing” isn’t limited. Every time he gets a creative idea, he puts it into action. Most recently he’s been creating new abstract paintings. This, of course, is very different from what he usually creates, but he’s having so much fun with it. This post highlights some of his new abstract paintings.

new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Social Activities | SOLD | 50×50 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Another Face in the Crowd | $850 | 31×35 inches
Coffee and Conversations | $975 | 24×48 inches
Coffee and Conversations 2 | $975 | 24×48 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Fish People | $500 | 24×26 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Educational Daydream | SOLD | 50×50 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Research Achievements | $1500 | 50×50 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
Research Achievements 2 | $1500 | 50×50 inches
new abstract paintings by Andy Saczynski
One From the Back | $1200 | 34×48 inches

If you would like to purchase any of these paintings, please call Andy directly at (850) 502-0072.

Face and Mask Art

face and mask art

Andy uses random found objects and antiques to create assemblage face and mask art. Of course, these masks aren’t costumes and can’t be worn. Instead, they are dimensional wall art. People love these masks! He’s made so many over the years, varying in size and craziness. Just last week a customer bought an especially wild one. He said, “Make it so bizarre that people who see it in my house wonder if they should be there.” Haha! That was a very fun project for Andy! Below are a few masks available now (inventory updated December 2017). Click images to enlarge and see pricing.

Baytowne Provisions now open in The Village of Baytowne Wharf

Baytowne Provisions opened this week in The Village of Baytowne Wharf, and you’ll find Andy’s art on their walls! This is the newest restaurant by award-winning and nationally recognized chef Jim Shirley. In addition to their traditional and specialty grilled cheese sandwiches that you love from The Melt Down on 30A, Baytowne Provisions will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a casual, family-friendly environment. You can also enjoy a full bar offering panoramic marina views and breathtaking sunsets from their upstairs deck. It’s more than just a restaurant and bar, though! You’ll find everyday necessities, groceries, gourmet grab ‘n’ go items, and local fresh goods at their general store. They’ll be open every day, and also have accommodations for private events.

For more information:
(850) 460-7866

Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions art by Andy Saczynski
painting by Andy
Baytowne Provisions
photo from Baytowne Provisions’ Facebook page
Baytowne Provisions
photo from Baytowne Provisions’ Facebook page

Where to Find Fish in Destin

So, you’re planning a vacation and you need to know where to find fish in Destin? This post is for you.

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park where to find fish in DestinGo to the Gulfarium
Since August 1955, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park has been a great place to see marine life up-close, where education and entertainment come together for a unique experience. It’s about 10 minutes west of the Destin harbor. The whole family will enjoy the Gulfarium!

Go Snorkeling
There are quite a few good places to snorkel around Destin. Three popular spots are the jetties, Gulf Islands National Seashore, and South Walton’s artificial reef.

Go Fishing
If you’d rather catch fish than swim with them, you’re in the right place. Destin didn’t get the nickname “World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” for no reason! Try the Okaloosa Island Fishing Pier, the jetties, or right from the beach. If you choose the beach, be respectful of people swimming! Nobody likes swimming next to fish guts.

Rent a Boat
If you’re vacationing in Destin, I suggest renting a boat to access the best fishing spots. Don’t wait until the last minute! Boating is very popular here, and boats sometimes get booked months in advance.

Fishing Charters
If you’d rather take the guesswork out of it, a charter boat will be your best bet. It’ll cost you more money, but you’ll have local experts lead you to the right places.

Fishing Report
If you’re a fishing enthusiast, you’ll definitely want to use this chart, which tells you what you can find both inshore and offshore in the Destin area throughout the year.

Visit Andy’s Art Gallery
If you like fish, you should definitely make a trip to Andy’s Grayton Beach art gallery, which is located 20 minutes east of the Silver Sands Premium Outlets. He has some beautiful fish art, most of which are mixed media assemblage pieces that really need to be seen in person to fully appreciate. For example, here are a few pieces available for purchase now:

Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art mahi mahi art
Mahi Mahi ($2500) | 80×33 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art mahi mahi art
Blue Mahi ($975) | 62×24 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art guppy art
Guppy ($1200) | 54×36 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art anglerfish art
Monty ($2800) | 70×50 inches
Andy Saczynski mixed media fish art assemblage fish art lionfish art
Liono ($1200) | 73×37 inches

If you have any questions about this artwork or want to make a purchase, call Andy directly at (850) 502-0072.

Beach Art

Destin FloridaI was recently at the beach and a family visiting from Tennessee sat near us. When they realized we lived here, they asked, “Do you ever get sick of the beach?” My answer? Absolutely not. This view never gets old. Rarely does a day pass that I don’t at least drive by for a glimpse of that turquoise water and sugar white sand. Before I moved here in 1990, I visited several times each year. It was always so hard to leave! So, for those of you who do not call our shores home, I feel your pain. A week vacation is hardly enough time.

One way to bring the beach home with you is beach art. At the moment, Andy has seven “beach art” options:

Andy Saczynski beach art
Dunescape ($1800) | 61×37 inches

Dunescape is Andy’s loose interpretation of WaterSound. If you’ve ever seen their boardwalks winding through the dunes, you know this place is magical.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Gulf Coast Daydream ($700) | 36×24 inches

If your idea of heaven is spending the day in a beach chair listening the waves lap on the sand, Gulf Coast Daydream might have your name all over it. This painted photography on canvas is a collaboration between Andy and local photographer Ryan Manthey, as are the next three pieces. (Read more about their collaboration in VIE Magazine.)

Andy Saczynski beach art
Afternoon Showers ($1900) | 60×40 inches

If you’ve driven down scenic 30A, you’ve surely noticed the trees surrounding Western Lake. This scene is a favorite for both artists and photographers. Afternoon Showers would look fabulous on a big, open wall.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Painted Sunset ($1300) | 60×20 inches

Don’t have that much wall space available? Painted Sunset would fit perfectly over a sofa or bed.

Andy Saczynski beach art
Seaside ($1900) | 60×40 inches

One of 30A’s most well-known structures is Seaside‘s Coleman pavilion. Oh, Seaside… it never gets old, does it?

Andy Saczynski beach art
Mermaid Dreaming About Longboarding ($1900) | 62×23 inches

If you prefer something whimsical, how about a mermaid on a longboard playing a cello and a violin while drinking coffee… wait, what?! There’s so much going on in this fun piece!

Andy Saczynski beach art
Surfer Girl ($875) | 20×53 inches

Last but not least, we have Surfer Girl. Don’t be misled by the colors… she most definitely does NOT have the blues!

If you would like to purchase any of the above pieces of Andy’s beach art, give him a call at (850) 502-0072.