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How to Make a Boring Room Look Cool

If you want to know how to make a boring room look cool, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to help.

Do you know what separates a boring room from a cool room? It’s true that wall color, furniture, flooring, and accessories can either make or break a room. But if you had to narrow it down to one thing, what would it be?


“But you’re biased, Lori! You’re married to an artist!” Okay, you have a point, but let me explain. You can have the perfect wall color, furniture, flooring, and accessories, but if you don’t have original artwork, the room is basically ruined. Think about it. Anyone can pick up something to hang on the wall at a chain retail store. But that’s my point: ANYONE can do that. Nothing says boring and generic like “art” from Kirkland’s, HomeGoods, and Old Time Pottery. Sure, it looks nice and acceptable on your wall. But it also looks nice and acceptable on 10,000 other walls in America. It reminds me of this commercial, which you should definitely watch if you’ve never seen it:

“Now that I’m looking at these boring and generic things hanging on my wall, I want to cry or maybe gag like the couple in the commercial. Now what?” I understand your frustration, friend. But you needn’t throw them in the trash or burn them in a fire pit. That’s not earth-friendly at all! Just put them all in a box and donate them to a secondhand store. Problem #1 solved. You’re welcome.

boring wall
boring wall (sad face, lonely, naked, terrible, yucky)

Onto Problem #2: What to hang on your now-empty wall. I’ve got two words for you: ORIGINAL ARTWORK. “But, Lori, I’m not wealthy! Just kidding, I have some disposable income, but I don’t know where to find fabulous original artwork!” No problem. Follow these simple steps and helpful tips:

  1. Browse Andy’s original artwork. I’m pretty sure the saying “go big or go home” is in reference to Andy’s art. Think: statement pieces. Your friends will be so jealous.
  2. Feeling thrifty and/or you’re on a budget? See what Andy has on sale right now. (Same link, just scroll down a bit.)
  3. If you want a specific size, color scheme, and/or subject matter, contact Andy about a commission within your budget. Also, if selecting art intimidates you, share photos of the room with us so we can help walk you through what would be best. Andy can even include sentimental odds and ends from your home!
  4. Let’s say you already have 10 pieces of Andy’s art. If that’s the case, WE LOVE YOU! But maybe you’re ready to add some other artists to your collection. Even WE have other artists’ work in our home, so…
  5. Go to art galleries. Start in your own city, and also visit galleries while you’re on vacation. Keep in mind that galleries that represent multiple artists usually have to raise their prices significantly, since the gallery will keep a portion of the sale. However, galleries belonging to only one artist may be willing to negotiate price.
  6. Attend art festivals. Some artists will mark down their work at festivals. That being said, please don’t haggle them. It’s rude, guys.
  7. Collect original artwork that has some kind of meaning to you. If it speaks to your heart, it’ll always be in style.
Andy Saczynski art
awesome wall with original artwork by Andy Saczynski (happy face, instantly cool, statement piece, conversation starter, jealous friends)

If you follow these steps and tips, your home will never be boring. You’ll have conversation-starters hanging on every wall, and your guests will be wowed. How cool is it that you’ll own art that no one else in the entire world owns? Plus, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped to financially support a creative mind rather than a corporate giant.

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