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Pet Art – Assemblage Art Honoring Your Pets

People LOVE their pets. What better way to honor the love you have for your pet than with an original piece of artwork? Pet art is fun and sentimental. I’ve seen pet art done with watercolor, oil, pencil – you name it. Andy is a folk artist specializing in assemblage art, so that’s his personal touch on the pet art theme. Not coincidentally, his pet art ideas started developing around the time we adopted two cats. Apparently we don’t have nearly enough responsibilities and expenses with five kids, so we thought it was a great idea to add a couple pets to the mix. (Just a little tip… If you’re ever feeling hormonal and/or sad, don’t hold a kitten or a puppy. Actually, don’t hold a baby anything if you’re not emotionally stable. You’ll end up either pregnant or with a new pet. Or at least that’s been my experience.)

In June 2012, we adopted a cat and named her Alys. She’s completely black and Alys Beach is completely white, so why not? Alys is silky soft, affectionate, and likes to lick our faces.

black cat

black cat

black cat

In July 2012, we adopted another cat we named Blue, after Blue Mountain. Her blue eyes didn’t last long, so now her name makes about as much sense as Alys’ name. Blue was the cutest kitten of all time. Now she’s skittish, yet extremely tolerant of the little boys who carry her around like a ragdoll.

cutest kitten

cute kitten

gray striped cat

Blue has been the subject for a few pieces of pet art. This has caught the eye of other pet lovers, who have commissioned pieces honoring their furry friends. One piece in particular breaks my heart. A customer had requested a custom piece to honor her beloved dog Daisy. Just days before the piece was completed, Daisy passed away. Her owner now has a way to remember Daisy as the fun and playful pup that she once was.

pet art dog art
Daisy the Blue Awlins Dog
36×27 inches

pet art cat art dog art
Cat Dog
37×20 inches

pet art cat art
Cat on Rug
27×43 inches

pet art cat art
Cat & Flower
21×37 inches

pet art cat art
Cat & Flowers
21×39 inches

pet art cat art
Show Your Kitts
42×27 inches

If you’d like a piece of custom pet art honoring your favorite pet, contact Andy. He can use funky colors or use colors that more accurately represent your pet. Also, his pieces are mixed media. Want to include your pet’s collar? No problem!

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